How can your Firm Benefit from AI?



Bridge between industry and AI providers


You are unsure how to apply AI in your firm? 

We IDENTIFY your most valuable AI business cases, EVALUATE their business potential for your company and VALIDATE the potential solutions.


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We enable you to make objective, transparent and data-driven decisions about your Enterprise AI


1. You have an idea re data in your firm?

You're unsure what the business case is and technical feasibility?

42AI Offer: AI Design

  • We crowdsource the answers from top AI providers (your firm stays anonymous)
  • We validate technical feasibility and business case with independent reviewers

2. Not sure how to select best AI provider?

You do not know which provider to select for your AI project/pilot?

42AI Offer: AI Validation

  • We crowdsource the technologies of the providers
  • Pre-selected providers from our network compete for your project
  • Competition selects right provider for your data project
  • Custom pricing 

Example from a fashion client

1.     Client had a use case in mind about how to use AI for better quality inspection in his procurement

2.     But they didn't know how to start collecting the data, who the providers out there are, the costs involved and what % accuracy to expect realistically

3.     42AI reached out to 5 vetted AI providers who answered this brief

4.     42AI asked follow-up questions and involved independent experts in the process

5.     The client received a validated AI Design with a trusted process for his problem and who the right providers are for this project.


Clients our founders helped to succeed with data & crowdsourcing