About us


It all started when...

our co-founders Simon and Francis pioneered the crowdsourcing industry 10 years ago to connect innovators with enterprises. 

Then we met our co-founder Martin, a data-scientist in Germany, who saw that there is no transparency in the nascent AI market for enterprises to easily select and implement AI solutions.

Together we believe the industry today needs a simple solution to navigate this nascent  and confusing AI world in order to connect the right AI ideas, talent and ingenuity of startups with corporations. 

That is how the idea of 42ai was born. 

We are the place where companies get easily connected to best AI solutions currently unreachable for them. We bring you the truth about AI.


We aim to bridge the gap between industry and AI providers


We are 42ai




Our Mission

bringing transparency into the AI market


Why did we start 42AI?

Our founders have seen how corporates struggle to understand which AI applications could help their businesses. And we see how in this nascent AI market it is difficult to understand what is hyperbole and what is reality? Therefore, we aim to make it easy for businesses to find the right AI solutions for their data treasure.


Crowdsourcing in the age of AI

With our background in crowdsourcing, we thought that creating an AI ecosystem of solutions, data and ideas will be perfect to bring transparency into the world of AI.



the things we know well



Competitions are a fantastic way to separate the best solutions from the rest.




It's our job to help you find the right AI solution for your data set and we use acclaimed experts in machine learning from industry and academia to vet our projects.



We  aim to investigate the real state of the art in AI for your projects and all our providers are carefully vetted and under NDAs.


Our secret sauce: tapping into the best AI brains in the world