$5M for BEST AI Providers

(AI providers = startups, vendors, technologists, contractors)


Our clients from automotive, fashion and finance industry seek AI startups for projects worth $5M.




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Industry Clients





Current needs by our clients exceed $5M

 We are currently advising three clients in America, Germany and France who are looking for amazing AI startups for their challenges: 



$5M for fintech IOT + insurtech

a financial organisation from the US is looking for AI startups who focus on fintech, IOT, insure-tech space. They are prepared to co-develop solutions and invest $1M each into 5 companies for an aggregate of $5M.


$25k for mobility prototype

two European automotive and traffic control firms are looking for AI startups for prototypes on mobility, traffic control systems and 'factory 4.0' applications. 


$30K for AI vision pilot

a French fashion company is looking for AI startups who have expertise in quality detection, image recognition and surface inspections. Suitable AI providers get $30K for an initial pilot (and much more if it leads to a project afterwards). 


AI in Retail

42AI hosts a startup competition for retail solutions with the Predictive Analytics World conference in berlin. Apply here



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